About Us – The Present

KTH Holts offer on of the most versatile large gas carburising furnaces in the UK, capable of holding long and/or wide components and heat treating them using carefully designed process to minimise distortion.

We provide specialist bar and shaft straightening services for companies around the UK, often provided in conjunction with carefully controlled heat treatment.

We specialise in the “difficult” jobs that are not mass production or easily combined with a number of similar components and suitable for standard or routine heat treatment cycles.

Large or heavy components.

Separation of small components to prevent blinding and distortion during processing.

Individually tailored processes in vacuum, carburising & hardening , normalising, annealing and stress relieving.

Deep case nitriding.

Helping our customers deliver the highest quality, on time, in full with the lowest total cost of acquisition.

Nadcap and ISO Certified