Straightening & Fitting – Straightening

IMAG0073Services with Heat Treatment:

  • Straightening after Hardening
  • Straighten & Vertically Stress Relieve
  • Hot Straightening of Hardened Components

Services without Heat Treatment

  • Straightening of steel bar before machining
  • Straightening after intermediate machining
  • Straightening after final machining
  • Straightening after assembly including welded assemblies
  • Straightening shafts undergoing refurbishment
  • Straightening after damage


The tolerances that can be achieved are dependent on the geometry, as received condition and past processing

N.B. All straightening carries a risk of failure through cracking or breakage. While every care is taken, latent defects in the material or from stresses induced in prior processing can cause failure. To minimise this risk we strongly recommend that you have Holts carry out all heat treatment associated with the job. For these reasons straightening is only undertaken at the customers own risk.