Dictionary – Tool Steel

The heat treatment cycles for these steels are complex and demand the highest degree of process control in order to achieve the best from these high grade steels.

Whether the component is a small fastener, or three tonne wormshaft, Holts can offer the necessary, closely controlled treatment to obtain the optimum final condition.

Capacities vary depending on the material and proposed treatment, but for the majority of items and treatments, sizes up to 2.7m in length and up to 1.5m in diameter can be accommodated. Even larger sizes can be accommodated for certain parts and treatments.

Die steel screws, rolls and shafts up 2.6m in length can be treated vertically. Suspending the items vertically during treatment minimizes distortion.

Integral to the treatment of these steels are the correct supporting treatments.

Supporting treatments include: Austempering, Martempering, Step quenching, Sub-zero treatment, Secondary hardening, Multi stage tempering etc. and the permutation depends on the component design, its function and the material from which it is manufactured.

Holts account for the geometry and carefully map out the process for every component before hardening