Dictionary – Nitriding

Nitriding is the process whereby nitrogen is diffused into the surface layers of a suitably steel alloy (EN19, EN24, EN40B & EN41 are good choices) to produce a hard surface with good resistance to seizure and galling.

Because the treatment temperature is relatively low and quenching is not involved, nitriding offers an exceedingly low level of distortion.

Nitriding produces a thinner case depth than carburising typically from 0.15-1.0 mm but EN41 will nitride to a hardness of around 70 Rockwell C

Holts specialise in delivering a product with the minimum or no brittle white layer that is associated with nitriding, even with deeper case depths

Selective Hardening : Specific features can be masked prior to processing to prevent the absorption of nitrogen during processing.

A range of furnace sizes are available with the ability to treat items ranging from a few grams up to a number of tonnes/tons, 2.7m in length and 1.4m in diameter.