Dictionary – Hardening

Increasing the hardness level of a steel by heat treatment normally involves heating to an elevated temperature and quenching into a suitable medium. The quenching medium and the hardness attainable depends primarily on the type of steel being treated.

The steel may be an alloy that can be hardened directly or it may require the addition of carbon to the surface in the process known as CARBURISATION.

Holt Brothers offer probably the widest range of treatment systems, to suit the widest variety of material types, shapes and sizes. Furnace types range from air, products of combustion, salt baths, controlled atmosphere to vacuum. The range furnace types allow Holt’s to cater for a comprehensive range of materials from plain carbon, low alloy, high alloy, tool and die steels, grey and nodular irons, copper and aluminium alloys.

Hardening causes changes in structure that induce stresses and risk irreparable damage if the component is not prepared and treated correctly