Quality Assurance – Commitment

Quality is in the DNA of Holt Bros. The company has used recognised quality systems for over 70 years, Holts joined the British Standards Institute 40 years before BS5750 was launcTUShed.

Today we have NADCAP accreditation the most demanding of Heat Treatment quality systems for a range of our processes and we apply the same disciplines of quality, traceability and reproducibility to all our work – its in our DNA

To Holts quality is more than a tick box exercise. Quality means ensuring that the product is right for the end user for its whole lifetime.

Advice: to help our customers deliver quality

We encourage our customers to look at the total cost of acquisition and take into account the costs of delay from inadequate treatment, rework and even premature failure in service before, perhaps, choosing the cheapest material or unsuitable heat treatment. Holts commitment to quality includes advising on the optimum materials and treatment for specific applications.

With over 150 years of improving metal we have the knowledge & experience to help.